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Give your customers the best payment experience from anywhere with multiple payment options.

  • Best success rate
  • All payment options
  • 24x7 support
  • No documents required to start integrating
  • Custom checkout experience
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  • visa
    HDFC Credit Card ****4823
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  • Cards Credit/Debit
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  • Net Banking
    Net Banking
  • paytm

Easily Integrate Payment Gateway on all Platforms

Integrate our payment gateway with easy to understand documents and start collecting payments.

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easy payment gateway integration
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Built for Developers

Everything is ready, packed and set for developers to plug and play payments with our checkout. Just point them to our developer section and get your payments powered in a jiffy.

  • Developer friendly documents
  • Web libraries
  • API reference
  • Test environments
  • Plug & Play
  • Responsive designs
  • var RequestData = {
  •     key: 'rjQUPktU',
  •     txnid: '123456789'
  •     hash: 'defdfaadgerhetiwerer',
  •     amount: '100',
  •     email: '',
  •     surl: '',
  •     furl: ''
  • }
  • var Handler = {
  •     responseHandler: function(BOLT){
  •       // payment response code
  •     },
  •     catchException: function(BOLT) {
  •       // integration errors handling
  •     }
  • }






















Easy payment gateway integration

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Payment Solutions for any Business

Online or Offline business! We have a solution for all your payment needs.


Set up on online store, start collecting payments within minutes with no coding.


Create your online website, share payment links and start collecting payments from Whatsapp, SMS, Email, Facebook and other Social Media platforms.


Set up your online store with integrated payment gateway in minutes. Collect payments from customers around the world.

Omnichannel Business

Setup BharatQR for your store and accept payments from your customers with all payment modes.

Give Your Business The PayU Advantage

Best Success Rates
Easy Integration
Instant Activation
No Downtime
Value for Money

Your Success is Guaranteed!

We provide the best transaction success rate in the industry with features such as Magic Retry, Dynamic Switching, Auto OTP Reading, etc.

Your developers will love it!

Integrate PayU easily and quickly on your website or mobile with our developer friendly APIs, SDKs and plugins.

Start Collecting Payments Within Minutes

Setup your account in no time by providing minimal information. Our onboarding process is 100% online and hassle-free.

Improving Conversion Rates Wont be Difficult!

We do everything possible to keep your customers data accessible and payment gateway up and running 24x7x365.

Free payment gateway in India

Best Payment Gateway in India

With easy & quick integration, 100% online onboarding, and best in class security, sign up with PayU and give your customers a seamless payment experience.

Take a look at all PayU solutions


Not sure which productsuits your need?


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Ashok Reddy

Founder & CEO of GrabOn

We couldn’t have asked for a better payment partner than PayU

After integrating PayU, we have noticed a significant drop in issues during checkout, owing to their amazing team who work round the clock. Ironing out the kinks has helped faster and smoother transactions resulting in more users purchasing gift cards from our platform.

Harsh Vardhan Masta

AVP, Policy Bazaar

Better success rates for transactions

PayU has provided extensive support in making a customised end-to-end solution for us with super-fast routing which has led to better success rates for transactions.

We Help Businesses Succeed

One Payment Gateway for all your business needs

  • 100+ payment options
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Best Payment Success Rate
  • Fastest Checkout
  • Supports All Devices
  • 24x7 Integration Support