Setup In-store Payments
  • Easy Integration
  • Accept payments from all channels
Setup on QR Don’t miss out on a single payment and let your customer pay with an app of their choice at your Omnichannel Business location.
Power up Your Enterprise
  • Best Success Rates
  • Fast Checkout
  • Secure
Better success rates with Direct Integration Improve your conversion rates with API integration, accept OTP on your site with no redirection during payments.
Better success rates with Dynamic Routing Automatically detect the health of different acquiring gateways to route transaction to the best one.
Integrate Checkout UI Give your customers a seamless payment experience with checkout UI that adapts to any device and screen size.
Collect via Split Settlement Split the customer payment between your account and a third party.
Affordable Payment Solutions for your Customers
  • Increase Transactions by bringing in affordability
Provide Affordability with LazyPay - Buy Now Pay Later Allow your customers to Buy now and Pay Later. Increase your conversion rate with fast checkout
Provide Affordability with EMI (Debit, Credit, Cardless) Let your customers choose from 20 banks and 4 cardless EMI options while buying products on your website.
Let Your Customer Pay in Many Ways
  • Recurring
  • Automated
Setup Automatic Recurring Payments With PayU Subscriptions collect a fixed amount from your customers at a regular interval.
New Setup Invoices Send GST compliant professional invoices to your customers and allow them to make the payment from the invoice itself.
Pay Your Vendors, Bill, Employees
  • Recurring
  • Automated
Setup Payouts- Send Bulk Payments in Minutes Initiate instant refunds, Distribute winnings to customers, Pay vendors and transfer employees’ salaries and bonuses, etc.
Setup Bill Payments for Your Business Pay all your different bills in a single click.
Latest from PayU

Send Invoices over SMS & Email


Most Scalable Platform In The Country

With ability to perform highest transactions per second, PayU is the only platform in India to withstand high volume sales.

High volume merchant processing platform

Consistent Uptime On PayU Platform

Consistent Uptime of 99.98% for 2 years

payment gateway with high availability

We are The Best in the Business

  • 24X7 Dedicated Monitoring Team
  • Best in class Encryption algorithm (SHA512) and 2048 SSL Key
  • RBI Compliant and PCI-DSS certified
  • 4.5L merchants across different verticals
  • Leading payment service provider for last 6 years

We help Businesses Succeed

Best Payment Success Rates in the Industry

With our strategic advantages, we ensure to provide

PayU acquires digital payments company Wibmo

Allow your customers to pay using any payment mode

Your customers can pay you with any payment options, no matter where they are.

Choose a payment option

Pay ₹ 16,667 to Makemytrip
  • HDFC Debit Card **** 4825
  • HDFC Credit Card **** 5776
  • Amex Business Card **** 21001

Choose a payment option

Pay ₹ 16,667 to Makemytrip
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • SBI Bank

Choose a payment option

Pay ₹ 16,667 to Makemytrip
  • xxxxxxxxx@okicici
  • xxxxxxxxx@ybl
  • xxxxxxxxx@paytm

Choose a payment option

Pay ₹ 16,667 to Makemytrip
  • Paytm Wallet
  • Airtel Payment Bank
  • Freecharge Wallet

Choose a payment option

Pay ₹ 16,667 to Makemytrip
  • Axis Bank EMI
  • Airtel Payment Bank
  • Lazypay EMI

Choose a payment option

Pay ₹ 16,667 to Makemytrip
  • Lazypay
  • Ola Postpaid

Unique Checkout Experience for your customers

Our checkout UI works seamlessly on any interface

Collect payments without redirection

Choose from multiple ways to show the checkout UI to your customers.

Other Payment Products


Send GST compliant professional invoices to your customers and allow them to make the payment from the invoice itself.

gst ready invoices

Send Bulk Payments in Minutes

PayU automates bulk transfers to vendors via APIs and offer a much simpler alternative to uploading files on the bank portal.

Disburse vendor payments using PayU payouts

Integrated Bill payment system

With just one integration allow your customers to pay their utility bills from within your platform.

Bharat bill pay

Payment Gateway for your Mobile App

Responsive payment solution for your iOS and Android Apps

Mobile App Payments

Integrate our Payment Gateway for Mobile App and collect payments from within your Android or iOS App.

The SDK comes with custom UI where you can control the look and feel of the entire experience.

Payment gateway for mobile apps

Get Paid from Customers Outside India

Accept payments in 100+ foreign currencies

Collect international payments Collect international payments

Customize Payments For Your Business

Choose payment modes you need or set up recurring payments.

Accept all Payment modes

Apart from the default payment modes like Credit Card, Debit Card, and Net banking, we give you the flexibility to choose the additional payment options like UPI, Wallets or EMI, etc., you want to show your customers

Collect payments using different payment modes


With PayU Subscriptions collect a fixed amount from your customers at a regular interval.

PayU recurring payments feature

Collect payment without OTP

We allow our merchants to collect transaction worth less than INR 2000 without OTP verification, which gives a smooth checkout experience to the customer and also increases your conversion rate.

No OTP For Sub-Rs 2000 Online Transactions

Drive Your Payments Through the Roof

Boost your success rate with these great tools.


True to its name, this feature will make sure that your transactions reaches the bank irrespective of poor network or bank server issue.

Auto read OTP and auto retry transaction

One Tap Payment

With One Tap Payment, all you need is one click to complete a payment securely. Which means a stored card user does not have to remember CVV, read OTP, switch tabs and enter OTP to do a mobile payment. All it takes is just One Tap on the stored card and it is done!

One tap payment to complete a payment securely


0-Redirect allows transaction to be completed on the merchant’s page itself. With no OTP redirection, the chances for a successful transaction increases.

0 redirect to complete transaction on merchant page itself

Custom Browser

Provide a user friendly interface to your mobile users when they are on a bank’s page, filling OTP and other account details.

For Android users, this feature can auto-read the OTP from user’s device to give a seamless and faster checkout experience

Receive SMS and verify OTP automatically on custom browser

Dynamic Routing

Our engine automatically detects the health of different acquiring gateways and routes the transaction to the best gateway. This helps provide upto 12% increased conversion rates.

Switch transaction dynamically depending on bank's performance using dynamic switching

Split Payment

Want to split the payment amount and settle it with a third party? Worry no more! This feature will split the payment however you like and settle the split amounts between your account and other receiver’s account.

Split and transfer payments with PayU Split Payment

E-Nach & E-Mandate

Get Automated payments from your customers by getting E-NACH & E-MANDATE. The amount will be automatically debited from customer’s account on every fixed day of the month.

E-NACH & E-Mandate for Recurring Payments

Protect Your Transactions & Solve Disputes

Create custom fraud rules and assess your fraud management performance from a unified dashboard.


PayU’s payments engine is built for global internet businesses facing evolving fraud threats. We constantly tweak our algorithms, test which attributes are most relevant, and generate compound signals to help precisely identify and block fraud.

Identify and block fraud


We provide Chargeback facility when the consumer escalates a dispute about a purchase to his bank. This feature includes settling bank processing errors, duplicate billing, identity theft, disputes over price charged and processed or missed refunds

payment settlement with chargebacks

Settlement & Reconcilliation at Your Fingertips

Ensured Settlement

Settlement is the process by which the money paid by your customers is transferred into your bank account after deducting the transaction charges. We ensure that your amount is settled in your account within the stipulated time.

ensured payment settlement for merchants

Flexible Settlement

In addition to the ensured settlements promise by PayU,the merchant has an option of choosing the time when he wants his accounts to be settled.

flexible payment settlement for merchants


Reconcilation feature includes automated claim mails and transaction level reconcilations. PayU and the bank are in sync with each other regarding each of the transaction carried out from the merchant’s end.

payment gateway reconciliation

Instant Refunds

PayU enables merchants to provide instant refunds to their customers in their bank accounts. Instant refunds has three features available: Online Refund APIs, Refunds & Query APIs and Refund to any destination account.

provide instant refund to customers

Get Deep Insights Into Your Data

Easily access all your transaction information in a unified dashboard. Drive meaningful inferences and insights for faster business growth.

Monitor Success Rates

Get insights on conversion rates through dedicated reports. Play around with funnels to pivot your success rates on different parameters such as Issuer, PG, Card type and many others. Monitor and analyze your transactions on real time basis and apply smart filters for enhanced traceability.

monitor payment success rate

World Class Security

Keep your account safe and secure with PayU.

Advanced security solutions

PayU has PCI- DSS certificates, 3D security systems and Anti fraud systems. We follow EV SSL protocol. We have dedicated anti fraud team and independent data centers which minimizes the risk of failure and guarantees continuity of transactions and security for all the user data.

Scale Your Business with PayU Payment Solutions