What does Payouts do?

Initiate ecommerce refunds, send vendor payments, distribute game winnings and much more with Payouts

issue e-commerce refunds in minutes

Powerful Dashboard to manage all your Payouts

Add money to your account and make Payouts right from your dashboard. Track & download reports easily!

Send Payouts in 3 Simple Steps


Add money in your PayU Payouts account

Deposit Money into the PayU Account created for you and choose from a range of payment options such as IMPS, NEFT, UPI or Wallets to pay anyone.

add money in payU payouts account

Add Receiver's Details - Bank Account Number, IFSC Code, Amount and other details in the CSV file and upload it on the dashboard

Add multiple accounts once and save them for repeat payments in future

Add receiver's account details once and save it for all future repeat payments

Send payouts instantly in just one click!

Your recipients will immediately receive payments in their bank accounts.

Add receiver's account details once and save it for all future repeat payments

Works Even On Bank Holidays

Process payments with payouts easily, even on weekends and bank holidays!

disburse payments easily even on weekends and work holiday

Payouts is 100% Developer Friendly

Everything is ready, packed and set for developers to plug and play with our payouts product. Just point them to our developer section and get your payments powered in a jiffy

  • Developer friendly documents
  • Web Libraries
  • API references
  • Test environments
  • Plug & Play
  • Responsive designs
  • var RequestData = {
  •     key: 'rjQUPktU',
  •     txnid: '123456789'
  •     hash: 'defdfaadgerhetiwerer',
  •     amount: '100',
  •     email: 'dummyemail@dummy.com',
  •     surl: 'https://sucess-url.in',
  •     furl: 'https://fail-url.in'
  • }
  • var Handler = {
  •     responseHandler: function(BOLT){
  •       // payment response code
  •     },
  •     catchException: function(BOLT) {
  •       // integration errors handling
  •     }
  • }






















Developer friendly API for easy payment gateway integration

Get The Next Generation Payouts For Your Business

Unique price tailored for each business type, transaction size & volume

  • Easy Setup
  • Only Pay Per Payout